I spoke tonight at the San Diego .NET User group Architecture SIG. Brian had asked me to give a talk for the upcoming Day of Azure (Deep Dive). The topic wasn’t even decided until the 4th, but as I teach Azure anyway, it was no big deal. The final topic chosen was around the storage aspects of Azure. I tried to cover a brief introduction to both the relational and non-relational (No-SQL) aspects of storage in the cloud complete with demos. I chose to talk about SQL Azure first to give them something they could relate to (haha, sorry, couldn’t resist) before I lead them into a technology that most of them didn’t have any exposure to. Thanks everyone, for coming out.
Here are the demos.

I spoke tonight at the San Diego .NET User Group Connected Systems SIG on Amazon vs. Azure. I reused some of the slides I presented at the Fullerton Code camp. I really enjoyed the talk and all of the great questions I received as well.

I made the commitment to speak at the San Diego .NET User Group Combined Architecture and Connected Systems SIG before I realized that I would be teaching WCF in LA that week. I didn’t feel right cancelling, so I got the WCF students doing a lab and then drove all the way back down to San Diego. Unfortunately they had just moved locations and the turnout was incredibly small. Very disappointing. Here are the slides for the few people who made it out.