I wasn’t feeling all that great, but I let Ike Ellis drive me to Cloud Camp in San Diego. I had been to the one in San Jose with Michael Kennedy, and this one had a very similar format. The most amusing aspect was when the presenter almost got into a fight with one of the audience members over the definition of the cloud. I let Brian Loesgen talk me into holding an impromptu talk on Microsoft Azure, and I felt to be fair I should also hold one on Amazon AWS. The Microsoft Azure talk was pretty well attended and I did my best organizing and answering everybody’s questions. The AWS talk was up against some talks that I would have rather attended, but I didn’t think I should abandon my own talk – so the turnout for that one was a little bit lower.

Another year, another San Diego Code Camp :) I signed up for this talk way in advance, and forgot to check up on it. There were a couple of presenters giving similar talks. What I tried to do was demo my way through WCF REST support, WCF Data Services, and WCF RIA Services, explaining what each one was and how it differed from the others. I had a *TON* of questions and so the talk ran a little long, and I didn’t get to do any of my RIA demos. I think I stopped after slide 15. However, I did have a couple people come up to me afterwords and say that my talk was there favorite talk of the whole code camp, so in that respect – mission accomplished! The room was jam packed standing room only, so thanks to everyone who came out.

Here are the Slides and Demos

This was my second year presenting at the SoCal Code Camp San Diego.  Unfortunately this year I had to miss Saturday because of my daughter’s 5th birthday party.  I heard the evening festivities weren’t as nice anyway, because they didn’t have band.  As Dave McCarter said, “Where’s the Rock and Roll?”

My topic this year was “REST vs. SOAP or Why can’t we all just get along.”  It was on implementing both REST and SOAP from the same service using WCF.  The official session info is here which contains the slides and the demos.  The talk was first thing in the morning on Sunday, but despite the time the room was packed.  The talk went extremely well even though I ran out of time and didn’t finish the entire demo.  Both Daniel Egan and Lionel Wong asked if I would present at other events.  I had several people come up afterwards to ask for business cards, and two people said it was the best talk they had seen so far this year.  Thanks to everyone who came out!

I gave my second talk at Southern California Code Camp San Diego.
Instead of slides, I just opened a notepad and started asking what the audience wanted to know and or understand about WCF. I got a huge range of topics, so I tried to weave them into a coherent story on the spot.