I think this is my 6th year speaking and 7th year attending at SoCalCodeCamp (San Diego edition).  For the past several years I have tried to give an advanced talk and an intro talk.  For the advanced talk I decided to give OData again for several reasons.

  1. Nobody else was speaking on it
  2. I has already signed up to give a webinar on it
  3. I still think it is relevant
  4. It is so flipping cool

The slides and demos for that are in the previous blog post.

When it came time to pick an intro talk I combed the SoCal Code Camp web site looking for gaps.  The gap I found was not what I am used to speaking about.  I was going to have to give a talk about . . . the front end.  (NOOOOO!!! Wait, I mean Sooooo what? What’s the big deal about the front-end?)  Specifically, I wanted to give a talk about using an off-the-shelf CSS framework called Twitter Bootstrap.  I had used it in my job, and in my side project, so I figured that should qualify me :) .  I put in the abstract and then forgot about it.

Months go by, and here it is the week before the talk.  I check back and realize a couple of things

  1. I had not used Twitter Bootstrap since I wrote the abstract
  2. There are over 80 people interested in the talk
  3. My daughter Julia has a soccer tournament on the same weekend

Long story short I wasn’t quite as prepared as I should have been.

The first day was pretty hectic.  First I saw Robin Shahan give a talk on Windows Azure in Real Life.  She good-naturedly accused me of heckling, but I think I was just encouraging audience participation :) .  The second talk I saw was Search engine building with Lucene and Solr, but I left as the speaker transitioned into Solr.  I ran home to help Julia get ready, and then back to Code camp to see Windows Azure Mobile Services by Bret Stateham.  Great talk as always, but I had to leave early to see the soccer game, which they lost 2-3.  I hustled back for NancyFX, which was probably my most influential talk of the weekend, then left again to see the final minutes of a 3-2 victory. Woohoo!!!

That night at the Geek dinner we found out that Woody was passing the baton after 8 years of running the SoCal code camps to Hattan. I also found out that night that my daughters team was playing the Surf at 10:00 (the same time as my OData talk) which sucked.

The second day I suffered through Data Flow Architectures, before giving my OData talk.  While speaking I learned that my daughter’s team lost the 2-2 game in penalty kicks.  The bright side to that was I didn’t need to worry about a conflict that afternoon.  I then went on to see Timothy Strimple on Git and GitHub.  I stayed in the room for Llewellyn and Chris Lucian talking about Agile Metrics, which helped me see some problems with the project that I was on.

The Twitter Bootstrap talk was the final talk of the day.  It was in the TV building, and the room could probably only support 30-40 people, but it was packed.  People were standing along the outside.  Also mildly surprising there were children in the class!  And they asked questions!?!?  And the questions were good!!!

I had no idea how the timing of the talk was going to go, and in fact it ran over, but it was very well received.  I was applauded (some even gave standing ovations – see previous paragraph) and several people stayed behind to congratulate me on a talk that I felt could have definitely gone smoother. I am glad everyone enjoyed it.

Thanks everyone for attending.  Here are the demos and slides. Slides are also on slideshare.

Thanks to everyone that attended the WCF Data Services (OData) webinar.  Here are the WcfDataServicesIntro slides.

I promised I would report on the issue we ran into during one of the demos.  The first issue was Resource not found for the segment ‘Titles’.The reason that I wasn’t hitting it when I tested was because I was querying for a book already in the system.  However, The fix was very simple (after a Google search).  I needed to add:

context.IgnoreResourceNotFoundException = true;

There was one additional error that I encountered, which I did know about but I didn’t hit it until after I fixed the other error.  The enum property that I added was unable to be serialized back across the wire.  The simple fix was just to make those properties internal.  WCF Data Services only cares about public ones.  With that everything ran.

Here are the BooksDataService demos.