We started BrainHz in 2006 based on the zany premise that small teams can create
great, useful software without all day requirement review meetings. It may sound
crazy, but we’ve proven it can be done.

We start with the user experience so that we can make sure we are building the right product, one that will delight the users without wasting effort on something that isn’t needed.

We simplify the process of managing the project by using a prioritized list of work to be completed, without the need for huge up-front requirements gathering phases and long term contracts.

We write clean, elegant code based on a depth of knowledge capable of accomplishing even the most challenging programming tasks.

We deliver iteratively so that you can experience working software right away, decreasing the time to value.

We provide the automated tests for all the code so that you know there aren’t hidden bugs, and so future changes can be made safely.

Contact us at team@brainhzsoftware.com to discuss your next project.