I attended a VSTS 2008 seminar as part of the .NET User Group. First let me say the speaker, Chris Menegay from Notion Solutions, was great.There were some things that I really liked

  • Check-ins, work items, and builds were all tied together automatically
  • That takes significant effort if you are doing it yourself. I have at various times and for various companies built these systems from scratch, and it is a *lot* of work.

  • Shelve
  • The ability to store a set of changes and go back to them later is nice

  • Ability to add Check-in policies
  • Like associate with work item, code reviewer required

  • Data Generation Plans
  • These freaking rock, ’nuff said

There were also some things I didn’t like

  • Would be nice if there were a better pricing model for the independent (very) small businesses.
  • No Windows explorer integration for source control