I have received some flack for my lack of blog posting. To defend myself let me state that for the past year I have been busy. Really busy. There were many days where I didn’t have time to eat or sleep, much less blog.

After April 12th all that changed. I took a vacation and recharged my batteries a little. Now that I am “not so busy” I have decided to start blogging again. Looking back it wasn’t that I didn’t have interesting things to share, it is just that I didn’t have time to write them up properly. In Word Press and OneNote combined I have over 70 drafts of blog entries. So I am making a public commitment – 10 blog entries a month for the next 3 months to try and catch up.

I have decided to back date any blogs which were started so that they make sense chronologically to me. For example my first entry is going to be about updating the blog to use HTML5 and CSS3. I performed a demo of doing that for the spring quarter UCSD Extension ASP.NET MVC class. So I am going to file it as if I was able to write it up at that time, because that is where I did the research. However some of the entries are really just titles and a couple of bullet points, so those will get new dates.

Here I go…

[Update: Adding Converting Blog to CSS3 on May 3rd]