Thanks to everyone that attended the WCF Data Services (OData) webinar.  Here are the WcfDataServicesIntro slides.

I promised I would report on the issue we ran into during one of the demos.  The first issue was Resource not found for the segment ‘Titles’.The reason that I wasn’t hitting it when I tested was because I was querying for a book already in the system.  However, The fix was very simple (after a Google search).  I needed to add:

context.IgnoreResourceNotFoundException = true;

There was one additional error that I encountered, which I did know about but I didn’t hit it until after I fixed the other error.  The enum property that I added was unable to be serialized back across the wire.  The simple fix was just to make those properties internal.  WCF Data Services only cares about public ones.  With that everything ran.

Here are the BooksDataService demos.

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