I missed the first session because of lack of sleep and the fact that I hadn’t finished my slides for the day’s second talk. I came in at the end of Bret Stateham’s talk on Getting Started on Azure. I didn’t expect anyone to show up for my talk on Azure Tricks and Tips because of the advanced nature of the talk and that not many people are doing Azure yet. I was pleasantly surprised to find 10-15 people there, which was a great number for that kind of talk. The talk was well received and there were lots of good questions. I have uploaded the slides for the talk.

Afterwards I went to lunch with the DM gang. After I came back I was going to check out David Pallmann’s talk but I was about five minutes late, and it was in the same room as mine, so it was hot stuffy and crowded. Instead I ventured over to John Bowen’s talk on the Future of XAML for XAML Developers, which was in a much nicer room. I wanted to be in the same room for the talk after the next one, and Llewellyn assured me that it was going to be crowded, so instead of heading over to several other talks I just hung out in the same room and suffered through Fundamentals of Metro Style Applications. Then it was time for my favorite talk of the day – Michael Palermo’s HTML5 for the Real World. The crazy thing was that it was my favorite talk despite knowing all the material! His dynamic and engaging style was simply fun to listen to. After that was over I headed over to a fairly good talk by Paul Mendoza on Writing Maintainable JavaScript.

The Geek dinner was great – Lllewellyn was congratulated on the schedule, and I met a few people and had some interesting conversations on the CAP theorem and light particles as well as digitizing old film.

I was undecided as to which topic to attend first the next morning. On a whim I decided to attend the Hacking Your Memory session. Much to my surprise that became my favorite session of the entire camp – It Was Awesome! The speaker (Gary Hoffman) did a great job, the slides were well prepared, the topic was interesting and the audience was really engaged. Check out the site if you are interested.

Next I was trying to decide between WordPress Ninja!, and .NET TDD Kickstart. by Barry Stahl whom I had met two nights previously. I made the wrong choice and attended the WordPress Ninja! talk, which should have been renamed WordPress Beginnner!. During lunch Llewellyn talked me into doing the afternoon sessions that was supposed to be with Woody Zuill, but due to family emergencies Woody had to cancel. I begged out of the first one to attend a Node.js talk. I then trekked back over and helped give the talk on Testing EF, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. I stayed in the room to attend the final talk User Driven Development which had some interesting discussion.

Great conference as always. Kudos to Woody Pewitt, Bret Stateham, Llewellyn Falco, and the rest of the volunteers for their efforts.

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