This was my fourth year presenting at the San Diego Code Camp (and the 5th year attending).

On Saturday I went to see Dustin Davis speak on Aspect Oriented Programming with PostSharp because we had been e-mailing back and forth about combining our possible AOP talks. I then stopped by to see Mark Rotenburg speak about NetDuino which I hadn’t really played with but after that talk I really wanted to.

After lunch I tried to get in to see Jon Galloway speak about MVC 3, but the place was so packed I went next door to see Brad Cunningham speak about “Becoming a better ninja”.

Ike Ellis and I spoke next about Sql Azure vs. Amazon RDS. This was probably the easiest talk I have ever given with no preparation. Ike and I interact with one another quite a lot and it was really no different in front of an audience as it was front of a group of company developers.

Unfortunately I was peppered with questions after the talk, so I missed the final session.

On Sunday I was the first talk on Aspecting EF And WCF. I was glad to see that I was given a bigger room this year. Jim Houghton and Mark Taparauskas from DevelopMentor were also there. I was nervous because of the large amount of material I had to cover, but I think the talk went well considering how advanced the topic was. In the hour talk I managed to go over the WCF extensibility model, write an IOperationInvoker, discuss the EF provider model, plug in a custom provider, discuss how lambdas can be used to call services in a type safe manner, describe the decorator pattern, talk about how to bundle up reusable calling logic, and switch the calling model of my existing client. There were three demos, on aspecting WCF on the service side, EF on the client side, and WCF on the client side.

After my talk I headed over to see Alex Shah talk about PhoneGap. Having done a little phone development myself I found the topic interesting, although the talk could have used a little polish.

I went to lunch with Mark, and when I got back Llewellyn was waiting to prepare our talk on Reactive Extensions. My original talk had ben introducing some concepts and then building a couple of nifty demos. When Llewellyn joined he wanted to show the Koans for each particular set of functions. So we wrote up the demo slides that followed every slide of what I wanted to cover with the name of a method two from the Koans. We finished early but unfortunately not in time to catch the talk before ours, so we just hung out until the end and gave the final talk.

During the talk Bart texted to say that Run was now called ForEach? Not sure if I agree with that rename, but there it is. The final demos were on Drag and drop with Silverlight, and throttling text event to issue web service calls. We had one question at the end around Throttle which I will post when I get a chance.

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