Llewellyn Falco and I presented tonight at the Los Angeles C# User Group. There are a lot of things that Llewellyn and I agree on but occasionally we disagree as well. This talk stemmed from a conversation that we had at Red Robin after one of the .NET Developer group meetings. We were discussing separated presentation patterns (which we both agree on). Llwewellyn was trying to convince me that MVC was the way to go – even in a Windows Forms or Web Forms application. He did demonstrate that it is possible by placing a panel in between the events and the business logic, but it still felt weird for me to place business logic in a panel.

Anyway, the problem with this particular talk is that we were both out of town, first me, then him, then me again, etc. So we ended up writing the slides on the way up to LA, and pseudo-rehearsing in the bar. Apparently we still needed to iron out some differences though, because we had a few arguments in front of the crowd.

Many people may see this as a bad thing (and in fact we got a couple of comments to that effect), but I bet seeing two people arguing drives home the tradeoffs much more than simple slides could ever do.

Thanks to everyone who came out.

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