I presented my first code camp talk this weekend and it was a great experience. Here are the talks I attended:

Day 1

A Technical Drilldown into Microsoft’s ESB Guidance
by Brian Loesgen

Agile Programming
by Llewellyn Falco & Carl Manaster


Fixing Legacy Code
by Jason Kerney & Llewellyn Falco

Aspect Oriented Programming in .NET, an Introduction with ASPECT.NET
by Adnan Masood

Agile Coding Techniques for Legacy Apps
by Woody Zuill

Dynamic Languages and the DLR
by Mike Vincent

Day 2

Integrating Silverlight 2.0 into an Existing Web Application
by Robert Altland

Creating Cmdlets for PowerShell
by Steve Evans

Windows Workflows (300 Level)
by Mark Bosley

Overview of the Composite Application Guidance for WPF
by Adam Calderon

Followed by my session on WCF Advanced Topics…

I was amazed and dismayed at the number of presenters who did nothing but show slides. Here is some advice that I can offer newbie speakers

  1. Tell a story
  2. Use something besides just powerpoint (use the whiteboard, do some demos, etc)

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